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Calorad Testimonial From Samira Mohammed

Read from Samira below...
Before taking Calorad I was really heavy at 93 kgs and I used to be very uncomfortable with my size, my tummy was big and protruded in most of my outfits, nothing I did could reduce my tummy size, and this obsession was really stressing me. My job was a big factor as I spent most of my time sitting in front of my PC. I had to suck in tummy in public and most of my pics just to make it look flatter than it actually was. 
I tried exercising but little or no change after such a long series of strong workouts and my laziness just got the best of me. I tried my own homemade dieting but ended up getting too hungry afterwards and increased my craving which caused me to rather increase in weight. I was introduced to combinations of wellness products and teas for tummy reduction but I guess my African body was resisting them all, lol.

I was already starting to lose hope, when a friend advised me to try CALORAD.

Initially I was really doubtful just like anyone would be, but I could see how she had lost an insane amount of weight on Calorad so I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and try it out, and I am glad to say I do not regret heeding  the advice.

 I was so happy with the performance of Calorad that I opted to shoot a video with the company when they were asking for true life testimonials for Calorad users whilst on my second bottle. I was losing the inches and weight fast.To watch the video (
As my reward, I was given 2 additional bottles of Calorad in order to complete their 90 days program which I was too glad to use since I love my shape and all I needed was a trim. The result was awesome. I lost 17kg over the period and my flabby curves are now very trimmed. I made sure I ate early like 6pm usually and drank a lot of water afterwards. All I did was stick to the instructions. But I did not do any exercise.
 My weight is now 76kg which is ideal seeing am tall and curvy. My skin is smoother and brighter now. In all I took 3 and a half bottles and now am maintaining my weight, however I am still contemplating staying on Calorad a little longer so I can lose some bonus pounds while i enjoy some junk food when the need arises, lol!
 Calorad really rocks!!!!

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