Dear LIB readers: My cheating wife is making my marriage miserable

From a male LIB reader
I would like to share my marriage Issue with you and need counsel. I’ve lost trust for women. I married my wife about 10 months ago. Before we got married I was made to believe she was in love with me and I was madly in love with her. We dated for 9 months then decided to get married. After we got married she had to relocate due to job posting. We didn’t get to live together for long after our marriage. We faced constant issues borne out of misunderstanding and the fact that we haven’t lived together for too long to fully understand each other.
It got frustrating cos the issues was more like every day. Sometimes ago she confessed that she doesn’t love me as much as I do and she is even yet to love me. It broke my heart to find that out, she also mentioned she married me for a different reason and was hoping to start loving me after we got married.

She promised to make things work, begin to love and we relate better. Few days ago, we had a discussion about spouses cheating and all, she said her view and said she almost cheated but didn’t. The story didn’t add up to me and I went digging and contacted a close colleague of her who told me she was cheating full blown. I contacted her with my finding, she was shocked how I got the details and she confessed it all.

She is barely 2 months at her new location and has been cheating with this guy she met for over 6 weeks. She sometimes spends the night at his house and all. She begged me to forgive her and she said it wasn’t about the sex for her but the company she got based on her been frustrated with our issues and her trying to get things off her head.

I told her before then that there is no marriage without their issues but couples will constantly resolve it till things get better. I love her so much and decide to forgive her but it has been a hard thing to forget cos my heart was pierced being betrayed by someone I truly love with all of me. I know most men see it as a taboo for a woman to cheat.

Men cheat and expect their wives to forgive them, I believe a woman can be forgiven for her sins too. God forgives us all irrespective of the sin we commit. I really don’t know what to do cos the thought of it keeps annoying me but I love her so much and have decided to forgive her. She feels remorseful for her actions and promised it will never happen.

Does anyone have any helpful counsel on how to totally forget this or it won’t be advisable to forgive/accept her back or give a second chance.

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