• Free eBook On How To Advertise to Facebook Users A Week To Their Birthday


    I've compiled a free guide that will explain to you, how to use Facebook ads to target Facebook users, a week to their birthday.

    If you run an ad over a period of many days, it will be shown to people whose birthday is within one week of the day when they see the ad.

    For example, people with a January 1 birthday may see the ad for a week leading up to January 1. People with a January 2 birthday will see the ad for a week leading up to that day.

    If you’re selling gifts of any type– this is your chance to do something. Cards, flowers, T-shirts, silly items… Doesn’t even have to be birthday related– you could even promote a little cosmetic surgery to older women.

    This idea is also perfect for those that sell cakes……

    The possibility is endless though. Just think out of the box and apply the strategy to your business.

     You can download it here

    Pls, share with friends.

    Have fun!


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