Graduate found dead after recovering from mental problem

The corpse of a 28-year-old graduate, known as Kehinde, who lived with his father on Omosebi Olugbo Street was found in an abandoned well in their house shortly after he had been declared missing.
It was gathered that Kehinde had a strange mental illness for about five years and was always indoors. He was said to have recovered recently from the illness before he was found dead in the well.

 Someone close to the family said: 
“Kehinde and his twin brother are well educated and they graduated from the university together. Their mother died a few years back, but their father stays in the house.
“He had been sick for the past five years and because of that, he was always kept indoors.
“His illness was strange because it was off and on. On a particular day, he absent-mindedly walked away from the house before somebody who knew him brought him back home.
“They used to chain his legs and hands to keep him indoors. A few times that he stepped out, he was in chains.”
It was learnt that Kehinde suddenly went missing from the house and the family began looking for him on Wednesday. He was found in the well on Friday.
A resident said,
“We were preparing for sahur to begin our fasting that morning when we saw an ambulance enter their house. We immediately sensed something was amiss.
“It was after the corpse had been taken away that the family told the landlords and some family friends that they found his body in the abandoned well.
“The well was always locked. The residents in the house depend on the community borehole for water. How Kehinde entered the well is a mystery.”
Family and friends trooped into his parents home to show their support for the family.
Kehinde has since been buried.


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