How Email Marketers Can Appeal To GMail Subscribers For Inbox Delivery To The Primary Folder

If you're an email marketer struggling to increase the engagement and view rate of your email newsletters that are been delivered to the "Promotions" tab of GMail users, you can consider appealing to your GMail subscribers to move your newsletters to the "Primary" folder.

This is one of the reliable methods of avoiding decreases in view rates since there is no direct trick you can use to make your newsletters bypass Gmail tab’s Promotions folder and CONSISTENTLY land in the Primary folder.

If you want to appeal to your GMail subscribers, all you need to do, is to fetch out the Gmail-only contacts from your list and send them a special introduction in your next newsletter. This, you can do easily if you're using madmimi for your email marketing.

It’s simple to sort your Gmail addresses in Mad Mimi using the search bar and then include an opening line encouraging your readers to move your newsletters to the Primary folder. You can check out the tutorial on madmimi blog.

Kindly note that email marketing best practices still matter.

A strong subject line will still increase your view rates and good opt-in practices will still mean better delivery.

Good content will still mean engaged users and avid readers and Gmail’s new tabs won’t lessen the value you bring to your subscribers.

Gmail and all ISP’s rely heavily on user feedback to define filtering so reader actions are currently, and will remain, the most important aspect of your delivery.  So, if your emails are encouraging your readers to reply and have conversations with you, you’ll likely become a candidate for the Primary tab.

I hope this helps.

If you know tricks that can make email newsletters deliver consistently in the 'Primary" folder, kindly share via comments.

You can sign up for your free account at MadMimi here.


==>  How To Receive Email Newsletters in Primary Tab of GMail Inbox

You can add the link directly to your newsletters to help your readers. Winks**

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