• How To Claim $60 Flippa Coupon

    Flippa, the world’s number one marketplace for buying and selling websites, domains and apps, has turned 6 years old and as a way of celebrating this, users are allowed to claim $60 FREE Flippa credit.

    With this, you could...

    • Start 3 website auctions... or 6 domain auctions!

    • Try your first upgrade!

    Coupon Code: FLIPPA60

    I've claimed mine and if you want to claim yours, follow the steps below:

    ==> Sign in to your account at www.flippa.com

    ==> Click on the "Sell" button to create an auction. Domain auction costs $9; established site auction costs $19. So, select the option based on what you want to sell.

    ==> Enter the URL of the website or domain you want to sell and click "Get Started"

    ==> Enter other necessary information, set your reserve price etc

    ==> Click "Redeem Promo Code" in the Checkout page.

    ==> Enter the promo code "FLIPPA60" and then "Redeem", then it will automatically be applied to your Flippa account.

    You can also use redeem the coupon while upgrading an existing listing.


    -  Offer expires June 24th, 23:59PM PST.

    -  A maximum of $60 credits will be provided per user.

    Have you claimed yours?

    Check my Flippa listings here, place a bid and click "Watch Seller". wink**

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