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    How To Enable Contact Form 7 Acceptance Checkbox Error Message

    If you're using Contact form 7 plugin on your WordPress-powered site and have integrated the acceptance " form tag but no error message displays whenever a user fails to check the box, this tutorial is for you.

    By default, due to JavaScript magic, users won’t be able to press the submit button without first checking the box to accept your terms. Clicking the "Send" button won't work and no error message will be displayed. This is simply because an acceptance checkbox is a different mechanism than general input validation, and it runs after all validation succeeds.

    This behaviour of the acceptance checkbox might confuse some form submitters. Hence, it's highly recommended that you set it up in a way that will let the users know why the message won't fly.

    So, How Do I Make It Work Like Other Validation?

    ==> Sign in to your WordPress dashboard
    ==> Go to "Contacts"
    ==> Click "edit" next to the contact form you want to modify
    ==> Add this line below, to the Additional Settings section:

    acceptance_as_validation: on

    ==> Click "Save".

    That's all.

    Try using your form without checking the acceptance box. It should display something similar to the screenshot below:

    I hope this helps.

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