Join thousands of creative Africans on  is a platform where creative and talented minds converge to form a community where creativity, talent and ingenuity is showcased, celebrated and encouraged across Africa. can simply be defined as a melting point of creativity across and beyond Africa.

Creative people can publish their works for free and get thousands people to view their works and get contacted. If you want to discover creative work too, you are not left out; you can explore various categories of your choice.

We are building and empowering the largest community of creative Africans, so Join today, visit, register and publish your creative works for free.

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Are you an aspiring or established makeup artist? Would you like to work with the renowned MUA Elaine Shobanjo, (@Shomya_Lag)?  Well you can, simply register on , upload pictures of your works that depict the theme “Contemporary Nigerian Wedding” on our site and share your works with your friends.

Or you can decide to be a part of the 54artistry Reward Initiative ( N200k Giveaway); As a CSR activity of 54artistry; for the next 5 weeks, 4 creative individuals with the most viewed project on  will win 10K each. – See poster below or visit for more details on our value adding initiatives.  

Stay Creative!
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