• LASTMA official assaults bus driver in Lagos (photos)

    A LIB reader witnessed the assault of a bus driver in Lagos today and tells the story. Read below...
    It happened that the bus I took from Ojota to Obanikoro was stopped at Idiroko by LASTMA officers which the guy begged them that he should be pulled over to the other lane but because the officers wanted to enter into the bus, he (Onah. M) in the attached picture started punching the driver till blood came out of his mouth.
    We the passengers appeal to them to allow the guy parked so we could drop but one of the Police officer attached to them forced the passenger side off and climb from the back sit to the driver side. (attached picture)
    Lots of people stopped and even an Army officer dropped from his car to tell the LASTMA officers to stop beating the drivers but one of them told him to just go and mind his business, which he left immediately.
    Am not saying the Danfo drivers are saints but LASTMA guys should be able to get better way of arresting offenders than forcing or beating or even threatening to shoot a gun at the offenders.


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