• make a Clockworkmod ( [Tutorial] How to manually create / flash Clockworkmod to an MTK phone

    If you're unable to flash Clockworkmod 5 to your
    MTK Android phone (e.g Tecno, Gionee, Infinix,
    Opsson, Innjoo, Lead1, TLC etc) for whatever reason
    then here's a guide on how to manually flash it.

    * Note that the procedure is the same for
    MTK based Android phones.


    1. Download MTK droid tools
    2. Download PdaNet
    3. A PC
    4. USB cord
    5. A working phone (this is needed to install Mediatek
    drivers; its ok whether rooted or not)
    6. The phone you wish to flash CWM to (might be the
    same phone as that above if its not bricked but needs to
    be rooted for this purpose)
    7. Make an MTK backup first just in case something
    goes wrong (


    1. Enable USB debugging on a working phone
    (Settings > Developer > Tick USB Debugging. If no
    Developer under Settings then go to Settings > About
    > Keep tapping Build Number till Developer appears
    under Settings ) and connect it to the PC

    2. With the phone connected, install PdaNet (Select
    Other from the list ; you should see "Drivers
    Successfully Installed" at the end of installation) .

    3. Launch MTK Droid tools

    4. MTK Droid tools should display the phone's details
    by the left

    4a. If it doesn't detect the phone then boot the phone
    into factory mode (volume decrease + power button)

    5. The box at the bottom should be yellow

    6. Click Root at the bottom of MTK and select Yes if
    prompted on PC and Grant on phone

    7. A green bar should load and the yellow box should
    become green

    8. Click on the root,backup,recovery tab at the top

    9. Click Backup and wait for the backup process to be

    10. When prompted to pack backup, select No.

    11. When backup is complete, tick 'To select boot.img' (if
    you don't have the boot.img file then tick 'To select
    Boot from phone' )
    11a. Click Recovery and Boot

    12. If a Window pops up, select the boot file from the
    MTK backup you just made (MTK folder > Backups >
    Phone backup)

    13. Click Yes to every prompt you get

    14. When promoted to boot into recovery mode, click

    15. The phone should now boot into clockworkmod
    recovery mode

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