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Make Money with your car on Uber

Did you know that you could make up to N100,000 a week just by signing up your existing car on the Uber Platform?

Do you own a 2008 or newer car? Air conditioned, presentable and in good working condition? If Yes, then you could make up to N100,000 a week just by putting your car on the Uber platform. You can drive yourself, use your existing driver or hire a new driver from a pool of trained drivers. 

You can sign-up and have your car ready to earn money in 24 hours.

Driver Requirements::
Valid Driver’s License
Good customer service
Good Working Knowledge of the City

Vehicle Requirements:
2008 and above
Proof of Ownership
Valid Vehicle license
Certificate of Roadworthiness
Comprehensive Insurance
Tint Permit (if applicable)
Company CAC (to be provided within 3 months)

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