Man kills police officer, then 'commits suicide by cop' after leaving last post on Facebook

A 21-year-old man from Cincinnati named Trepierre Hummons (pictured left) fatally shot Sonny Kim, 48 (pictured right) after posting on Facebook that he loved all of his friends and family and then called 911 on himself.

Tre twice called the police, telling them that a man with a gun was acting erratically & then described himself in the conversation. The first person to respond to the call was officer Kim, Tre then shot him dead.

Other before officers got to the scene and Tre engaged them in a gun fight. He was shot dead by other officers.

Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell told a news conference on Friday that;
'The suspect posted on Facebook just prior to the shooting and sent several text messages to friends indicating, or demonstrating, that he was planning suicide by cop,' Blackwell said.
'I love every last one of y'all to whoever has been in my life .... You're the real mvp,' Hummons posted before calling 911 yesterday.
In the call, the young man is heard speaking frantically about a 'belligerent' young man 'in his early twenties' with a gun in his waistband. He described himself as short and when asked about the man's race he replies 'a black man, of course'. 
Hummons's mother arrived on the scene right before Kim did, and tried to keep her son away from the police officer before the young man started firing.
Kim, who was wearing a bullet resistant vest, was shot multiple times by responding officers, Blackwell said. 
Hummons was said to have fired on a county probation officer who came to Kim's aid and then wrestled Kim's service weapon from him while he was lying wounded in the street.

The suspect's mother reportedly attended to Kim as he laid on the ground dying. Her son then used the officer's weapon to fire at a third officer, Tom Sandmann, who ended the gunfight by shooting the young man, Blackwell said.

Kim was taken along with Hummons to a local hospital where both were pronounced dead.
Blackwell said Hummons' mother told them he had been having recent troubles with a girlfriend and was not behaving like himself. 
'If you want to kill yourself, do it, but you can't take one of our men with you,' Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley said. 'There is a deep injustice when people believe they can shoot at police officers.'

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