Movie producer Blessing Egbe speaks on Toke Makinwa's troubled marriage

Popular movie producer and former model Blessing Egbe has shared her opinion on Toke Makinwa marriage saga. The Lekki Wives producer, who is working on a new movie series called 'This Thing Called Marriage' says the storyline has nothing to do with Toke Makinwa. She also said the alleged busy lifestyle of the media personality is not enough reason for a man to cheat. What she said below...
‘I don’t know her personally and I don’t really know their story so I cannot talk much, I can’t even comment on it because I don’t know who the man was until I saw pictures of him. Obviously I read about it but all I can say is she is being strong about it which is good because some women would just break down and jump into third mainland bridge. I don’t really know them but I have heard so many people say that she was too busy for the man, that she is all over the place trying to make it but for me, is that enough for a man to cheat on his wife not only that but to get another girl pregnant?
What this story just says is that he was calculating every move he made because you don’t sleep with a woman without condom if you are not thinking pregnancy. She was probably she was his girlfriend, he knew at some point and says to himself “I would have preferred this one” maybe that’s what happened but why did he marry Toke then? Did you marry her to make a name? Did you marry her so that people would know and recognize your brand? All this while you were receiving from one and returning to another? So many questions we can never really say, because what goes behind closed doors, mouth cannot say’. Mrs Egbe who gained national recognition with her movie, Two Brides and a Baby and critically acclaimed, Lekki Wives denies that her new movie series project, This Thing Called Love is about Toke. ‘It is not o, please we shot a part of it three to four weeks ago when fuel scarcity was on, but it is a series that would deal with issues like that, it would deal with issues relating to patience in marriage, to what to do, what not to do, the clashes that happen, the differences in people that are supposed to come as one, we are supposed to become one but for some reasons in the home we are two different people so this just goes to expand and showcase what everybody, every married couples really know, we just going to take it to another level and expose what people don’t share but we are able to really get close’ She told ICampus

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