• Natasha Akpoti asks for support for forthcoming Builders Hub Impact Investment Program

    As written by BHIIP founder, Natasha Akpoti
    Dear Nigerians and Builders Hub partners, I am sick and tired of the never-ending headlines proclaiming the deplorable state of an average Nigerian and the nation’s economical plight. “Over 100million Nigerians live below poverty level” V.P. Osibanjo. “80% of Nigerian youths are unemployed” CBN.
    The question I begin to ask myself daily, which has become my mantra is, "How can Nigeria be so poor amdist so much?"

    I, Natasha Akpoti, the founder call on your kind self to support the forthcoming Builders Hub Impact Investment Program (BHIIP). We are embarking on a nation-wide hunt for 1000 local enterprises from 1000 underserved communities, have them empowered resourcefully and financially to trade on the Builders Hub e-commerce speciality marketplace. The only support needed from you my fellow partners is to actively participate when the Hunters visit your respective locations. 
    We call on all ingenious, talented and passionate wood, metal, clay or cloth craftsmen to bring forth your artistry used in the building, construction and home improvement industry. Those could be in raw; semi finished or finished tools, hard wares, complimentary of finishing products. Come let's together commence the long deserved industrial (and mindset) revolution. We must all rise to take our place in the world as the largest manufacturing economy. How is this possible you might ask? Its simple logic: The most important components in manufacturing are 1. The human activity (ranging from handicraft to high tech); and, 2. Raw materials. We have those in abundance and could be the China of Africa and even the world.
     How then do we get the revolution ball rolling?
    1. Appreciate quality controlled and certified Nigerian made goods.
    a.       They are healthier and less toxic because they are natural. Do you know that for every ton of portland cement that is manufactured, an equal amount of carbon dioxide is released into the air, and a little keeps being release into your living spaces as the house is built?
    b.      They are more energy and cost efficient. Using compressed earth/mud blocks save 30% of your cooling bills. Mud blocks are bullet proof hence better security.
    c.       They are of better quality than most imported like products and help the house adapt better to the environment. Do you know that the most exotic of homes in Europe are adorned with Mahogany and Teak floors, stair rail handles, floor to wall cladding?
    2. Participate actively in the Builders Hub's Impact Investment Program (BHIIP) and get motivated, inspired and empowered. Remember, we are looking for you and your team's business to be among the 1000 enterprises from 1000 Nigerian communities to sell your products on the e-commerce platform The Builders Hub
    3. Review our policies and laws regulating the natural resources industry and foreign investment. The United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France and the most aggressive of them, China continuously exploit Nigeria's natural resources. We must stop this economic colonization operating through various dynamic groups. This exploitation has only caused war, poverty and slow development in Nigeria and in turn, Africa.

    4.Demand full enforcement of existing legislatures and policies by the various parastatals such as customs..

    However, it is not enough to affirm this move at heart,  like and share our pages and news feeds (though we appreciate that a lot); we truly want you all to get into your moment of "stillness" and ask yourselves these 10 thought provoking questions, then participate:
    1. Who am I really? Socrates said before anything "KNOW THYSELF"
    2. Am I happy with my life, my current state of living? 
    3. Is this (your career, finances, state of mind) the very best I can offer myself?
    4. What worries me the most about the future?
    5. If this were to be the last day of my life, what would I regret not doing? Not achieving? 
    6. What am I really scared of?
    7. When last did i push the boundaries of my comfort zone?
    8. Have I unknowingly joined the multitude who have unconsciously/consciously put their existence in the hands of the government. Remember, you are the only one in charge of your happiness and your success. God has already given us DOMINION over ALL things. Claim it!!!
    9. To what degree have i actually controlled the course of my life, my community, my state and my nation?
    10 At the end of it all, would I have said more than i have done?
    Builders Hub shall commence the Enterprise Hunt from the 27th of June 2015 in Okene, Kogi state. We shall from there go to other communities in Kogi state - the Igala, Lokoja, Kabba etc and then move onto Edo, Ondo, Lagos, Kwara, Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Niger, Jos, Kaduna, Kano, Bauchi, Sokoto etc (in no particular order) before the grand launch in Abuja.
    The great father of Impact Investment, Andrew Carnegie said that "there is no use whatever trying to help people who do not help themselves". In simple terms, this means that for you to benefit from the BHIIP, you must meet us half way by developing your content!!! Channel your energy to transform every pain, despair, disappointment or regrets into amazing creations from your heart. Get inventive, get innovative!!!
    Finally, you don’t need 24hours electricity or the most modern of technologies to be productive. Theodor Roosevelt said we should do what we can with what we have and where we are. This means that to eradicate the deplorable unemployment state, improve our standards of living and significantly contribute to the Nigeria's GDP and in turn improve the economy, we must start doing something productive.
    Signing off from my desk this beautiful Thursday, I urge that if you weren't happy with yesterday, start something new today that would capture the Enterprise Hunt judges when we visit your community. Just don't stay stuck!!!

    So here's to the 1000 enterprises from 1000 communities!!!

    Barr. Natasha Hadiza. Akpoti
    Builders Hub (Founder)

    Important Notification:
    Orientation Launch:  
    Saturday the 27th June 2015
    Venue: Ohinoyi’s palace, Okene, Kogi State Nigeria.
    Time: 11am
    Attendance FREE

    To keep abreast with information on our visit to your community and follow our journey to a great industrial revolution, please check us out at:
    Website:  www.bhiip.com
    Twitter: @buildershub
    BBM channel: C00416D3B

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