Nigerian woman who falsely accused 2 men of rape sentensed to 8 months

23 year old Comfort Yinusa, who falsely accused two men of rape in December 2013, has been sentenced to 8 months in prison (Read previous story here). Ms Yinusa was sentenced to prison on June 19th for making a false report, wasting more than 100 hours of police time and wasting about £3,000 of police funds. Plus all the distressed caused to the men she accused of rape, who spent hours in police custody and spent six weeks on bail.

The young woman, who had a history of abusing drugs and alcohol, pleaded for mercy from the judge but he told told her "You have let down genuine rape victims. Your actions have led to two innocent men being put through the humiliation of arrest and all the procedures that followed." he said before sentencing her.

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