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recover a BlackBerry smartphone from any state

How to to recover a BlackBerry smartphone after all
other possible means of recovery have been exhausted.

* Remove the battery from the BlackBerry

* Open a web browser on a PC (Mozilla Firefox is
recommended ) and navigate to
redirect.php? (Ensure to click
'Skip Ad' to proceed)

* Click Check for Updates.

* Wait for the Device Connection dialog box to
appear with no result for pin.
* Connect the BlackBerry smartphone to
the computer
with the battery removed.

* Press Ok when the PIN field is populated with the
BlackBerry smartphones PIN number or PIN-
Unknown is displayed.
Note: Some BlackBerry smartphones may be in a
reset loop, which will cause the field to populate and
This is not an issue; pressing OK when the
PIN field is populated will allow the process to move

* Select the appropriate version of BlackBerry
Device Software and applications for the BlackBerry
smartphone, click Next.

* At the Review the following options before you
begin dialog, insert the battery without unplugging the
USB cable.

* Press Install update.

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