Sad! Teenager hacks aunty to death in Akwa Ibom (graphic photo)

According to a story sent to LIB from Akwa Ibom, a 19 year old boy named Daniel Michael Edet, (pictured right) a student from Idoro in Uyo LGA, killed his aunt, Glory Edet Ebere, 44 (left).

The boy used to live with his aunt but one day left her home unceremoniously. For months the aunty didn't hear from him but on June 11th, he showed up at her house and said he wanted to return home. The woman who lived alone told him he was no more welcomed in her house, that he should go back to wherever he was coming from. Daniel then asked for money to go back and the aunt said she had no money to give him. A quarrel ensued and Daniel attacked his aunt. He stabbed her multiple times, killing her. He then stole her car keys, locked her corpse inside the house and left.

There's a photo of her dead body after the cut...*viewer discretion advised*

Later Daniel returned to the home with his friend, one Ekemini Effiong James (pictured above) and together they dragged the corpse of Glory Ebere into the bedroom. Both of them cooked, ate and passed a night in the same house.

Narrating how they were caught, Akwa Ibom Assistant Commissioner of Police, State Criminal Investigation Department, Mike Okoli, said when neighbours noticed the two boys at the house with no sign of the woman for days, they became suspicious. When the two boys tried to get rid of the body, a vigilant neighbour accosted them which led to their arrest.

Upon investigation, Daniel admitted to killing his aunt alone. He said - "Ekemini Effiong James did not kill, but was aware since he slept in the same room."

The suspects will soon appear in court. The aunts body below...

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