Showwit - It’s better to say it, but best to Showwit...

Showwit is a social platform that allows users to share their video personas and moments. It helps to enhance social connections as you get to know the ‘real characters’ of your contacts through their expressions in short clips (21secs) – see the person, know the persona.

How to showwit
- Simply upload a video of yourself and up to two more of other moments of your choice. You can also add interactive hotspots to your videos (direct links to other profiles on showwit or external url-good for placing ad links in your videos)

- Post a #HowAbout: you basically say what you fancy doing within a set time frame and get responses in real time e.g. #HowAbout “someone take me to the movies tonight”
PS: They are currently giving away some free airtime and also hiring so send those CVs in (a job and some free airtime wouldn’t hurt now, would it?)

Want Free Credit? Want a Job?

Simply go to for more details
You can also check out some videos of people ShowwingIt here:
For direct access:

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  1. i like to show it.