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The issue of unemployment in Nigeria is alarming, and so many students and young graduates are unemployed. Many are waiting for a big opportunity with the blue chip companies and organizations, which is having a negative effect on not only our economy but our society as well.

With Nigeria's unemployment rate at 29.5%, one company has launched a website to help young people find quick, casual jobs which will enable them to be earning an income while they wait for their big opportunities.

The site is :

At the this micro jobs website, job seekers can find jobs online from individuals who have micro job opportunities. Plus, businesses and companies who are looking to hire casual workers and skilled professionals can also advertise on the website by directly accessing the database pool of skilled artisans on the website freely.

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Features include:

==> Free account creation: Individuals, companies and businesses can sign up and make an account for free, and from there they can post and edit unlimited jobs, apply for unlimited jobs and communicate freely without any restriction.

==> Resume builder: Nigerian job seekers can build and modify their resume on the website, sharing their resume link with employers and applying for jobs with a single click.

==> Professional Profile Builder: Job seekers can list their micro job strengths and create detailed profiles of themselves to be seen by employers who are looking for new employees.

==> Hiring with confidence: Employers can search through and hire verified professionals backed by – reducing time and resources of potentially hiring unskilled professionals that would be handling jobs they are not qualified for.

==> Talent Forum: Through’s “help slot”, users can find quality job solutions through user recommendations. Employers can pose and ask a question and hire the skilled professionals with the best answer – all from the Talent Hunt section of the website.

Even in its infant stage, has already seen a positive response by users and is set to offer young graduates an easy opportunity to find micro jobs and earn an income while they search for their job in their desired career field long term.

About The Company

Launched in 2015, is Nigeria's primary micro job advertising website. The idea came as a result of the unending issue of unemployment in Nigeria. The company is deployed as a trademark of Stardom Quest Global Services Nigeria Limited, registered in Abuja on the 4th of November, 2009.

For media inquiries regarding, all are encouraged to contact Media & Promotions, Deborah directly at 0700SLOTJOBS or via email at [email protected] To learn more about the company or their services, please visit:

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