Smoothie Express; Delicious Smoothies delivered to your doorsteps in minutes!

Smoothie Express strives to assist people to live a healthy and active lifestyle and our vision happens one smoothie at a time. Our goal is to become a daily part of our customer’s lifestyle helping achieve their health goals, by bringing our smoothies to their door steps. We deliver within V.I, Ikoyi, Lekki and Marina for N200 only.

Our Smoothies are freshly blended and delivered to customers within minutes of preparation. Smoothies are a healthy and delicious way to eat fruits and vegetables and with our finely mixed recipes, you are sure of getting the essential vitamins and minerals from a cup of Smoothie.

With up to 30 different flavors, our menu is customized according to individual needs;
Regular blends (Mango Surprise Smoothie, Kiwi and Banana Smoothie, etc)
Weight loss Blends (Shredder Spinach Smoothie, Slim Berries Fete, etc)
Fitness Blends (Lean Banana and Coconut, Power punch Spinach, etc)
And The Kiddies Blend (Choc A Laka, Strawberry Blossom Smoothie, Buttercup Banana Smoothie)

There’s a Smoothie for Everybody!!! You can find more about our different Smoothies blends from

You can also take advantage of our Smoothie plans, have your Smoothies delivered to you days in row at a discounted price. Plans are ideal for detox and general weight loss diets.

3 Day plan (3 Cups)
5 Day Plan (5 Cups)
7 Day plan (7 Cups)
2 Weeks plan (14 Cups)
1 Month plan (30 Cups)

TO PLACE AN ORDER; CALL 09099319266, 09099319267

Follow us on Instagram@smoothieexpressngfor updates on our services and frequent promos.

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