• The growing scourge of armed robbery attacks in Ijegun, Lagos

    It's a huge problem in that area. A LIB reader writes in. Read below...
    I am writing to intimate you on a recurring trend that has existed with impunity for the past two months. The affected area is the Ijegun Area, Alimosho Local Government in Lagos State. This is the story of an eight man robbery gang led by a certain terror with the moniker, MOPO and together with his fellow thieves have terrorized the entire area spanning Ijagemo, Afurugbin and Ogo Oluwa. This gang is so intrepid that they get so comfortable when carrying out their nefarious activities- they eat, play music and at times use the bathroom for bathing. 
    The most recent of their attacks came in the wee hours of Saturday 13th June 2015 at a residence of a family of 8. The family pleads anonymity, they came on this fateful day and left the family in utter aghast and shock. When explaining their ordeal, they reiterated how the dreadful gang left in palpable fear. They went away with lots of megabucks, vandalized the cars, manhandled the female children and spent a record three hours terrorizing this family. 

    A certain Mrs Ashimolowo had to forcibly relocate to the Mainland as they robbed her thrice. The widower explained how they give prior notice before robbing and the hapless woman would be brutalized while she still made food for them to munch on. This is an 8 man gang predominantly Igbo and Calabar speaking men in their late 40s. Three would operate from inside while the remaining 5 keeps their prowling eye on another one attempting a rescue mission.  

    It is also disheartening to know that the Police has been nor been helpful in any regard. They show so much ineptitude and act lethargic when issues about this issue come to their table. The citizens are hapless with little or no means of defense against these larcenists. Not less than over 100 houses have been affected.

    We would please implore the Commissioner of Police to come to the aid of these innocuous citizens who have suffered enough in the hands of these men of the underworld. This growing spate of robbery should be nipped in the bud. Or should everywhere vacate the area on duress and nostalgic apprehension from the fear of  MOPO and his men. This trend has to be abruptly halted as lives and properties of Nigerians is endangered.

    Please come our aid!!! Rescue us from Mopo and his entourage.

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