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[Tutorial] How to make an MTK Droid tools backup of an MTK Android phone

Note: This procedure is the same for all
MTK based Android phones (e.g Tecno,
Gionee, Infinix, TLC, Opsson, Innjoo,
Lead1 etc )

# See the video tutorial below or @

Tools needed

* A working MTK phone
* Download PdaNet
* Download MTK Droid tools
* PC
* USB Cord


* Enable USB debugging on the good MTK phone
(Settings > Developer > Tick USB Debugging) then
connect it to PC. If you don't find Developer under
Settings then go to Settings > About > Keep taping
Build Number

* Install PdaNet on the PC with the USB
debugging enabled working MTK phone still connected
(Select Other from the list of devices during

* At the end of PdaNet installation, you should get a
"drivers successfully installed" message
* Exit PdaNet in system tray (bottom right corner of

* Launch MTK droid tools as Administrator (right-
click > run as Administrator) still with the working
MTK phone connected to PC
* MTK droid tools should detect and display the
phones details by the left along with a yellow box at the

* Click ROOT at the bottom of MTK and select
Yes/OK if prompted on PC and Grant if prompted on

* A progress bar should load at the bottom shortly
after which the yellow box should become green

* Click on the root,backup,recovery tab at the top

* Click Backup (MTK should keep writing some things
by the right hand side during backup) and wait till
backup is complete

* If you get a prompt to pack backup, select No.

* Once backup is complete, don't close MTK droid

* Go to the MTK droid tools folder > Backups >
Folder named after the phone's model e.g
Tecno_m3_backup.... and take note of this folder as the
'Backup folder' because we'll be referring to it soon

* Go back to MTK droid tools and click 'To prepare
blocks for Flash Tool'

* A window will open, in this window, navigate to
the Backup folder (mentioned above) and select the md5

* MTK will start copying some items (check the right
hand side) so wait till copying is complete

* If you get an error like "Preparation of files for
FlashTool is impossible, file isn't found" then remove all
scatter files in the backup folder except one and rename
this last one to MT65??_Android_scatter ( where
"??" represents the number for your phone model e.g

* Once copying is complete, open the Backup folder
and you should see a folder named "!Files to flash"

* The !files to flash folder is a selection of files needed
to use Sp Flash tool, keep it well

* Both the !files to flash folder and the x_backup folder
(which contains the !files to flash folder) are your
phone's MTK backup...

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