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Tutorial on How to fix an overheating Blackberry

Its bad enough that your Blackberry doesn’t have a great
battery life, then it has to go overheating on you! In this
brief guide, we’ll be discussing why your Blackberry might
be overheating (and getting drained faster in the process) ,
how to prevent it, and what to do when you find yourself
in such a fix.

What could cause a Blackberry phone to overheat?

Common causes of an overheating Blackberry phone are:

Charging via PC: Constantly charging your
Blackberry using a PC (instead of a wall charger) is
one of the major causes of a swollen / damaged battery

Incompatible charger: The charger might be too
powerful or not powerful enough for the phone

Damaged battery: A damaged battery will not charge /
discharge efficiently, resulting in overheating

Running too many heavy apps at a time: Running too
many apps or too many processor intensive ones at a
time will increase the CPU load, causing the device to
heat up

Battery intensive processes: Battery intensive processes
like high screen brightness, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc
could result in overheating

Heavy usage while charging: Using CPU intensive
processes / heavy gaming while charging is another
possible cause of overheating

Buggy / Rogue application(s): A rogue application
could be consuming system resources selfishly

Hardware bug: The Blackberry’s power unit might be

Poor network coverage: If in an area with poor
network coverage, the radio will keep searching for
signal and this tells on the battery

Insufficient ventilation: Stuffing the phone in your tight
pocket, handbag or case could cause it to warm up

How do I know that my Blackberry’s battery is faulty?

Some common symptoms of a damaged battery are:

Phone restarting / going off on its own

Battery not lasting as long as it used to

Phone overheating

How do I fix an overheating Blackberry phone?

When faced with an overheating Blackberry, consider the
following fixes:

Try a different charger: Avoid charging the phone using
a PC, consider using a wall charger specific for the

Battery Replacement: Consider replacing the battery if
it gets full or goes flat too quickly

Exit unused apps: Ensure to close (not minimize) apps
not in use for an extended period

Save power: Ensure to limit the use of animated
screen savers. Also, avoid setting the screen brightness
too high

Disable unused radio: Enable 3G, Wi-Fi and
Bluetooth only when needed

Avoid heavy usage while charging: Avoid running
CPU / battery intensive processes while charging

Remove rogue apps: Closely monitor which applications
cause the phone to lag / throw exception error messages
and uninstall / replace them

Switch to Airplane mode: If in an area with poor /
no reception, switch to airplane mode when signal isn’t

Allow for proper ventilation: Avoid placing the phone in
ill ventilated areas or beside hot objects

Device replacement: The overheating might be due to a
hardware bug / defect. Consider a replacement /
hardware check if the device is still under warranty

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