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last time i wrote about getting targetted audience to your your blog... and i listed SEO as one of the factors of driving traffic to your blog. now let get started, Like i said earlier, the meaning orn the full meaning of SEO is Search Engine Optimisation ,AND seo is the process of affecting the visibility of a web page in a search engine.

as we all know that ORGANIC traffic is the best traffic that suits our blog

there are many ways in which we can Optimize our blog for Search Engines,

let me quickly list the two that i know of,



let me explain what i mean by online and offline SEO.

1. ONLINE SEO :- What i mean by online SEO is the process of making your web page visible tosearch engine online. there are some ways that this can be accomplished that i know of.
kind of SEO is done within and outside our blog. the first thing you need to know is Understanding Basic Html, which i know that most of you might know if not all..
online SEO is gotten through META tags.. these TAGSb are easy for bloggers under BLOGGER.COM but a bit difficult for bloggers under wordpress.. but dont worry you can do this with a plugin...

now these GOOGLE META tags help GOOGLE to understand and crawl your Blog very well... lemme give an example..

the tag provides meta data about HTML document, Note that Meta Data will not be displayed on the web page but will be machine parsable.

Meta Documents are typically used to specify page Description, keywords, author of the document, last modified, and other useful data that helps Google crawl bot to index your blog
now the code i placed above is simply telling google the Description of your blog, like the way i did mime, it describes what your blog is all about and google bots looks at this when crawling your blog, another example is the KEYWORD Meta data which is same but different this

NOTE that you can add as many keyword as you like to make it 'search engine friendly'
also Note that all the "keyword" that you put, must always appear on your blog, like in my own "bloggiing, website, tutorials" must always appear on my blog posts, post title and pages, this will enable google to crawl your blog and display your blog when people search onn google...

another thing is that your blog must be Mobile Friendly, in the sense that your blog should load fast when google is crawling your blog,

ii- we are still talking about Online SEO, the second thing your need to do is the link other blogs to your blog...

now after writing your post content, try hard to include other blog links to it, do you know why i said this?

when google crawls that blog, google also crawl all blogs related to that blog, for example, my blog is , agter writing a topic, i will try as much as possible to to include other blogs related to my NICHE at the bottom, "let me say i included "" , now when users searches 'bloggerlab' or related keywords, be rest assured that my blog must appear on the first page" reason is that when google is crawling thAt blog, it crawls all links and keywords that is related to such blog, so our site is also indexed. and try as much As possible to add this blogs on the META KEYWORDS of your blog, this will enable is to rank better on search engines.

Now let Get to real SEO which is ON PAGE SEO , this kind of SEO is done within our Blog like i said earlier,
and just going to explain it in points, so that you can get exactly what am saying..

1. you should always make sure that your META KEYWORD are always included on your posts TITLE and CONTENT, increases your rank on search engiones

2. when adding images to your blog, make use of "alt" TAG, e.g bloggiz , make sure that the alt="" the word there must in your META KEYWORDS also, because when google crawls your blog it crawl everything in your blog, and even adding alt Tag to your blog makes your blog to be "STANDERED"

3. always backlink your blog posts to each other, "this is one of the important aspect of ON PAGE SEO, and many bloggers ignore this because they don't know what they are doing. let me give a practical example....

"i have a total number of 3 posts published on my blog, now after writing my 2nd posts. all i have to do is put the link of my 1st post on my 2nd post, so when you have about 100 total number of posts on your blog, and they are all backlinked to each other, believe your users might not want to leave your site, because they are looking for vital informations, especially when users can't understand post 10 without going through post 9, and wont understand post 9 until he goes to post 8, this is done by backlinking all your blog posts to each other" .

4. Connect your blog to all social medias , this can be done in a very simplen way... if you are using "Wordpress paltform" just install the 'jetpack' plugin and link all your social media to your blog, and another alternative is using ""

atleast this is my experience as a blogger on getting a real Organic tarffic to your blog.. do your possible best to do all these as it will help your very well....

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