• How To Create Softaculous BackUps Folder in cPanel

    Yesterday, while following the guide on Softaculous website that explains how to restore a backup on a new server, I was stucked at "Step 5" for some minutes.

    The "Step 5" simply requires that I copy the backup file to my new server at the following path /home/USERNAME/softaculous_backups/

    I was looking for the folder without knowing I have to create it by myself....lol.

    After brainstorming for some minutes, I decided to create it by myself and it worked!

    So, if you don't know how to create the softaculous_backups folder, follow me through the steps below:

    ==> Sign in to your cPanel and scroll down to the 'Files" section

    ==> Click on "File Manager".

    ==> Select "Home Directory" and ensure you select "show hidden files" as seen in the screenshot below:

    cPanel fule Manager

    ==> Click "Go"

    You will be redirected to the "File Manager" page.

    ==> Click "Create New Folder" icon. A window will pop up.

    ==> Enter "softaculous_backups" as the New Folder Name

    ==> Leave next field empty and click "Create New Folder"

    That's all.

    You can proceed to upload your softaculous backUps to the folder.

    I hope this helps.

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