• theLatestMobilePhones.com Domain Name Is for Sale. Ends in 4 Days

    I registered thelatestMobilePhones.com domain name few months back and it is currently available for sale on flippa.com.

    I decided to list it there to see if I can get a mouth-watering bid for it. (winks**) If not, I will defintely keep it and use it for a blog where I can get someone to be posting to it, articles on latest mobile phone, their prices, reviews etc.

    I can as well promote affiliate products on it and earn money when I make sales. Apart from this, I can easily monetize it wth Google adsense, infolinks, bing ads and I'm optimistic that the content will attract quality ads.

    As you can see, the domain name speaks for itself. Only a dumb person will see the domain name and won't know what the site will be all about.lol...

    There are already some bids and watchers......

    Place your bid here now.

    Remember, the bid expires in 4 days.

    Wish you luck!!!

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