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so today we are going to learn about traffic and how to get traffic and readers to our blog.

Like i said on my initial post, imaging you spending time and writing posts, only for you to find out that nobody is even reading your posts, is that not frustrationg? when you write things, you expect people to read what you write, this is possible only if you have traffic to your blog.. let get started..

WHAT IS TRAFFIC - traffic simply mean dealing or communication between people , it also means "the number of vehicles along roads..
now let relate this to our blog,

Relating it to our blog "TRAFFIC is the communication between people on our blog, and it is also the number of people visiting our blog everyday..... people visiting our blog are known as "VISITORS" .

There are many ways by which we can get this TRAFFIC on our blog . which will be explained in details...


1. MANUALLY (we do it our self) *also requires time*

2. AUTOMATICALLY (someone will do it for us) *requires money*

let me quickly explain this

MANUAL TRAFFIC also known as ORGANIC TRAFFIC , this kind of traffic is gotten by the listed ways below

• sharing of your posts to Social Media, Like Facebook, twitter , instagram, and other media.
• Strong SEO (search engine optimization) this is where my next topic comes in. make your blog appear in various search engines (dont worry, you will learn more of this on my next posts)

AUTOMATIC traffic, this kind of traffic is not organic. this kind of traffic is gotten through Ads (Advertisements or promotion) their are many websites that can promote your blog to your targetted audience,i can only assure you of one. since i am using it myself. it advertising your blog through FACEBOOK.COM (fb ads), and this will cost you certain amount of money though.. (but i will advicr you to be doing this facebook ads. atleats *once in a month* .

another way you cab get visitors to your blog is through *Backlinking* ,

what is backlink
it simply means an incoming hyperlink from one web page to another website.

Backlink ” is one of the most used words in the world of search engine optimization. .

let me give a practical example..
"i just decided to visit lindaikeji blog. now on the comment box.. i comment with a post thThat has beeb published on my blog, now After putting the post on lindaikeji blog. at the end. i will simply out the url of my blog or the topic i posted there, now when people read your comment they will click on the link your dropped"

this is a practical example of what we call backlinking...

and you may be wandering, "how will i do this backlink"

it very easy if you follow steps

• always create quality posts on big forum websites lik Earlyface.com ,Nairaland.com and others. then After creating the posts.. just put your blog url as the source of post.
e.g source - www.gistpluz.com .

• always comment on big blogs and add your own blog url there.

so i think with this few tutorial, i know you now understand and realize the method and strategies on how to get Traffic..

watch out for my next post.. were i will teach the complete SEO guide....

see you later...

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