Apple may finally release 12.9-inch iPad Pro with Force Touch stylus this year

Apple may finally release 12.9-inch iPad Pro with Force Touch stylus this year

Apple has been rumored to have a bigger iPad in the
works for years, however this will finally be the year it
comes out. Sources record that Apple's annual iPad
refresh will incorporate a 12.9-inch iPad pro variant. This
king-sized tablet could have a better resolution display
and may also present an non-compulsory stylus with Apple force
contact technological know-how.

Apple has already built Force Touch technology (which
can tell the difference between a tap and a harder
press) into its new MacBook computers, so its inclusion
in the iPad and iPhone seems natural. However,
analysts believe that a screen the size of the iPad Pro
would result in poor yield rates with Force Touch.
Thus, the stylus might be required to take advantage of
it. This would allow users to write more easily with
pressure sensitivity, which is already possible with
certain third-party apps and styluses, but this would be
incorporated at the system level.

More generally, this tablet could have an LCD panel
with a resolution of 2732×2048 and an aluminum body
composed of the 7000 series alloy from the Apple
Watch. This tablet is expected to go into production
between September and October, but the stylus may not
be part of the base package. So get ready for that $49
add-on item in the Apple Store.

The iPad and iPad Mini have both confirmed vastly
successful for Apple however it's unclear what the marketplace for
a good higher and no more transportable tablet shall be. Analysts
from KGI Securities estimate Apple could move as
many as 5.5 million iPad professional units and one million
stylus components in the first 12 months. Despite the fact that, analyst
numbers are nonetheless simply educated guesses. We'll just ought to
wait and spot how lengthy the traces are.

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