Complete Tutorial on how to create Pbnl Websites like (Nairaland)

hello reader,

hope you are having a good time reading my blog posts,

i have succeeded in telling you guys a lot about blogging for beginners start from my 1st write up where i wrote and explained about everything you need to know about blogging and when starting  blog of your own.

then i also elaborated more on creating blogs of your own through various platforms, (blogger and wordpress) and the two major platforms i explained.
then i went further to write about getting targeted audience to your blog, in which i wrote about SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMAZATION abbreviated as SEO .

but today we are doing something else , today you will learn About PHP / PBNL websites and how to create one. although many websites are structured with PHP , but today we shall learn about PBNL  SITES and how to create one.

PHP is a script language and interpreter that is freely available and used primarily on Linux Web servers. PHP, originally derived from Personal Home Page Tools, now stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor,

let get started without hesitation..

before we start i hope you know how to  create a  WordPress blog, else CLICK HERE ,
the reasons why i said that is because creating a PBNL sites and WordPress sites are of the same steps but different patterns.

•After you have creating a domain name for your site e.g ( now click on the switch button. when the next page opens, don't click for Auto installer reason is that , it for only CMS .. now on that page look for MY SQL DATABASE
and click on it.


now the next page should look like this.

the 1st box is (Database User)
2nd box is (Database Name)
3rd box is (Database password)


    •NOTES-  the Database Name and User you use must be the same (reason is that you can easily remember it)

• also note that the Database NAME and USER must be 5 alphabets   eg. emeka  and must not contain any upper case letter..

• Note3 - the password must be the same password you used when registering the site name ( reason is that you will not forget it)

after filling all the boxes with the above Conditions then you are good to go. click CREATE. now you should see a response like the screenshot below


now write down those details you saw on a piece of
paper (we will be using it in the future)

that means that we have successfully created a SQL data base where all our site information will be stored..

let go to the next step.
•remember that the site is already created but will not load anything because we have not upload the main site. let move on.

Now it time to upload our site with what we call PBNL  scripts. this our site design ,content and layout. don't worry i have provided a nice design for you DOWMLOAD HERE

we shall be uploading this file through what we call FTP this is where we can Upload, edit files in our website. i also provided a FTP sites that we should use ..

now when u open the Ftp Client. the page should look exactly like this

now the 1st box is where you will insert your Host. as in  or ..

now the 2nd box is where you insert your Username e.g d u* i told you to write down on a piece of paper. notee u is what you will out not u_user

then leave other box the way they are-

then the 3rd box is your  password. *the password you used when creating the site* . then you can now login!

Viola we are in , the next page should look like this.

now look for the upload option on that same page and upload the script you have downloaded before. after it finishes the upload now go back and refresh the page. then you can now see your script in (zip) format .

Note- the site is not yet ready oo..

now click on the script again and script again and click EXTRACT/ UNZIP now the next page should look like this.


on that box that contains the name of the script wipe it off and type public_html

note- only lower case letters ..

now click on the Extract button ..


also note that if you are using operamini keep on clicking extract untill you see "SUCCESS"
but if yoh use firefox it will just extract straight..

now after d extraction go bac


k to the home page.. then now click on the public_html this time.. after the page loads it should appear like this

where you will see lots of file and and folder.


*dont touch ANY  YET.*

this part requires concentration or else. you will spoil everything

now click Next  for the next page until you see the folder name MODULES click that folder now the next page will look like this.


the next thing you should do now is click on settings.php
then click on EDITOR ..
now click next until u see codes like this..

now we will be inserting the things i told you to write down on piece of page.

which is Database User, Name, and password

follow My steps to avoid misunderstanding.

the 1st thing is to Edit the other Database name user nd pass which are like "u123456789_user" and "u123456789_name" the "password"   now we shall be Editing those default setting inside the Quote " "  .

now Delete only only d u2222222222_xxxxx  but don't delete or touch the " "   after deleting it just carefully insert your own details.  *like i said earlier your brain is Needed*  after inserting your details accordingly . now scroll down again you will see something like this. "local host"  just edit it and put ""  and we are done......




then Save it.. *Make sure it saves*  then you can now Visit your site.. it should Display....

but in case you finish putting your own details, and your site did not display or shows blank. kindly go back to d SETTINGS.PHP  and edit it well .

and if your site displays CONGRATULATIONS  your have succeeded on the 1st step in creating your site..

this is just the 1st part. our site is not yet completed .

so on my next post let me list the things you shall be learning.

• you will learn how to Register as the ADMIN of your Site

• you will learn how create forum Names

• lastly you will learn how to arrange some things on your site..



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