Driving Traffic and improving your SEO through GUEST BLOGGING

Driving Traffic and improving your SEO through GUEST BLOGGING

A lot of you who are new to running a blog, they
maybe questioning what is guest
running a blog and why do you need it, i'll are attempting
to answer as many questions as I might and will
also show how it's going to support you in significant brand

Though i am not a social media guru and i will not
for my part compete in that crowded area of interest; i have
determined an simpler tactic to building your manufacturer
on-line and that advertising tactic is guest blogging.
Now what's visitor running a blog and how can it help
you construct a higher company for what you are promoting?
Well, you are going to find out quickly.

What is the meaning Guest/visitor

Visitor running a blog/Guest Blogging is with ease the art of sharing
useful content material with readers online however in this
case, the content material released will not be on your blog. It must be released on any individual else's blog
and that's where the phrase guest blogging
comes into play.

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Some of you misuse Guest blogging as Submitting article to directory..

between Guest Blogging and
Writing for Article Directories

To keep issues simple and preclude complication, I
will say that visitor blogging and submitting articles
to article directories are similar in the sense that
they may be able to each be described because the procedure of
writing useful content material on different platform. However
the tremendous change is available in their degree of play and

Guest blogging is tactically applied on “ Niche
Targeted ” blogs while article directories on the
other hand are GMPC sites ( General Multi
Purpose Content ) or “mass content
sites. Note the key difference “niche
targeted ” and “mass targeted.

An extra difference is that on guest blogging, there
tends to be a better tie and communal bond
between the weblog proprietor, the visitor bloggers and
the readers. That's why visitor articles instructions
bigger comments and interplay than articles
published on article directories. Now that you
have known the change between guest blogs
and article directories, let's move on

In this article, I am going to reveal to you
strategic steps to increasing your online brand
awareness with just a single guest article. While
a lot have been written with respect to guest
blogging or writing a guest article for other
websites and blogs; I will be shunning
conventional wisdom to explain to you in details,
how to strategically use a single guest article to
increase your brand awareness online. If you are
still interested in learning; then grab a cup of
coffee and read on.

Everyone has the ability to write a guest article
but not everyone knows how to maximize that
written article for extra profit potential. That’s
what I am going to teach you today. Now why
should you write a guest article for another blog
or website instead of publishing such content on
your blog? Well, I am going to answer that

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Writing an article and getting that article
released on different official blogs is not just a
advertising tactic; it is a guerrilla advertising strategies
and this is my reason for tagging guest
blogging as guerrilla advertising tactic. If two
shoe manufacturing companies  A and B decides
to compete against every other for market share.
Manufacturer A and B spends heavily on product
progress and significant advertisement but
company B strategically unleashes an extra
revenue drive into the field to knock on the doors of
specified knowledge purchasers.

The extra measure taken through company B will also be
regarding guest running a blog. Instead of building a
web blog and waiting for readers to find your content
via coming to your blog; you are taking your content to
their desired on-line hangout. This will likely give
your weblog a aggressive aspect over other blogs that
don't have interaction in guest running a blog. Are there
different advantages of writing a guest
article on different blogs ? My reply is a
resounding yes.


1. Guest running a blog could be a robust internet
advertising and marketing procedure in the event you really know what you
are doing and methods to go about it. A buddy of
mine depends absolutely on the visitor blogging marketing
process; in fact, 90 percent of his advertising
efforts are channeled toward writing guest
articles for different blogs. He believes a lot in
visitor blogging to the extent that almost all of his articles
are published on different blogs, rather than his possess
weblog; and this strategies made him successful.


2. When you engage in guest blogging, you will
gain maximum exposure for your blog
and this will increase your brand recognition.

3. Writing visitor articles support build your on-line
credibility to weblog homeowners and the readers alike.
You may launch a product line someday and
the blogs you write visitor articles for will probably be a
pleasant leverage for you to broadcast your product

4. Guest blogging is a good “ White hat” link
building strategy. When you write guest articles,
you build backlinks to your blog and this
will increase your page rank in the search
engines. In search engine algorithm, a backlink
from a quality content website or blog is
considered a vote of credibility.

Some blogs are strongly rooted in search engine optimization;
others are powerful in social media; so guest writing
on such blogs will enhance your rankings and also
broaden your social media presence.
Now in view that I've highlighted strategic factors
why you will have to begin writing visitor articles at present.

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