• Hot- browse Unlimitedly With Etisalat Chat pack Via Psiphon

    Hot- browse Unlimitedly With Mtn Chat pack Via Psiphon

    I am lovely definite that tons of fanatics are enjoying Etisalat Smartpack Tweak which I posted about a day in th past,
    although, will not be speedy for downloading and now not responding
    good for streaming, but we're nonetheless managing it to
    browsing on the internet until we get a further better server to
    pace it up.

    Let me swiftly introduce an additional strong VPN to
    you which ones can be utilized to avoid like SimpleServer.
    It's popularly known as Psiphon.

    Psiphon is a circumvention tool from Psiphon Inc .
    that utilizes VPN, SSH and HTTP Proxy
    technology to provide you with uncensored access to
    Internet content. Psiphon is currently working fine
    with Nigeria Etisalat and MTN Network.

    To use Psiphon VPN with Nigeria Etisalat
    Network on Android Devices

    => Subscribe to the weekly Etisalat Chat park, which
    is one of Etisalat Smartpak packages that goes for
    N150 by dial *343*5*6# or
    => Subscribe to Etisalat monthly Socialme that goes
    for N200 by dial *343 *6 *11#
    Note: For Socialme package, you must be on Easy
    Cliq plan. If you are not on Easy Cliq before dail
    *244 *1# to migrate to Easy Cliq before you subscribe
    for Socialme package of N200.

    Now the Psiphon Configurations

    » First of all, Download Psiphon apk version from

    » Install it on your Android Device

    b>Create New APN settings On Your Phone
    with Following settings:

    » APN: etisalat

    » Save And Activate it as your default settings.

    » Installing the Psiphon, launch it and set it up as

    » Open Psiphon handler, scroll down and tick
    Remove Port

    » Under it you will see Proxy Type, just tap and
    choose Real Host

    » Scroll down to Proxy Server and input


    » Now scroll down to Real Proxy Type and tap
    the default to select HTTP

    » under Real Proxy Server input and 8080 for Real Proxy
    and Port

    » Then scroll down to the bottom and click Save


    » Immediately you click save, a pop up message will
    appear requesting to use Tunnel whole device, just tap
    on the option to Tunnel Whole Device and it
    will take you to the next phase

    » Choose the Option Menu

    » Under this Option menu, you will see Select
    Region, tap and select USA


    » Still on the Option menu, you will see the More
    tab below, tap it and then scroll down to
    Proxy Settings and tick the Connect through
    an HTTP Proxy, check the box

    » Still on the More Option, select Use the
    following settings

    » Then scroll down to Host Address and input and 8080 for Port


    » Go back now to the main page of the Psiphon and
    tap the start button below, you will get a warning
    message, tick the box there and OK Psiphon to run,
    then wait for it to connect, it will connect and after
    that just minimize and fire up any browser and any
    other apps.

    Enjoy it while it last. Hope this information helps?
    If it works for you, don't forget to comment here and
    remember to hit Share/Like buttons for the benefit of


    Kindly Note that ETISALAT CHAT PACK DOES NOT WORK WITH PSIPHON HANDLER AGAIN   see more details here

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