• How To Create Discussion Forum in WordPress With Free Plugin

    Having a discussion board to your WordPress blog will
    help you to create a community round your blog. There
    are many ways during which you can add a discussion discussion board on
    your weblog. If you happen to don't need to spend your time finding out
    one more discussion board software similar to Xenforo , VBulletin or any
    other, it's great to use WordPress plugin which mean you can
    obtain the equal.

    Today, I will be sharing a detailed guide on how to
    integrate a discussion or Q&A forum in WordPress
    using free DW Question & Answer WordPress
    plugin . This is a feature rich plugin which offers almost
    all the features which you need for your Q&A forum.


    I used DW-Question-&-Answer plugin on many of my
    clients’ blogs and also got good results by this plugin. So I
    highly recommend this, if you want to start a Question and
    answer forum for free.

    Features of DW-

    Submit / Filter / Order / Edit / Delete Question
    Answer / Comment
    Vote and Pick Best Answer
    Notification Email system
    Instant search by keywords
    11+ languages supported
    reCAPTCHA supported
    Shortcodes available
    Private/ Public for Question and Answer
    Questions / Answers follow function
    Sticky Question
    Available in 20 different Languages

    Click here to download it

    How to Setup DW Q&A WordPress

    In this plugin we can find many options and can be accessed
    through the menu “ DW Q&A ” which is located at the side
    bar of the WP-Admin panel.


    1. All Questions: Here you can see the list of all questions
    asked by the visitors/users
    2. Add New : Here you can create your own questions and
    3. Question Categories: If you want to create a
    categories for questions then you can set it here
    4. Question Tags: This is the way where you can create
    some tags for questions
    5. All Answers: Here you will find the list of all Answers
    6. Settings:

    There are three principal settings panels from which that you could
    configure the entire plugin settings as per your requirements.
    Basic Settings:

    1. General Settings:

    1. Question List Page: Select the page where you
    added the Question List Page shortcode [dwqa–list–
    2. Ask Question Page: Select the page where you
    added the Ask Question Page shortcode [dwqa–submit–

    3. Private Question: Check this if you want to
    allow users post Private questions.

    3. Notification Settings:

    1. Email_logo: Upload a logo which is to be displayed at
    the top of the email sent.
    2. From Email: Put the email address which will be used
    as the sender of the outgoing emails.
    3. Send A Copy to Admin: Check this if you want to
    receive a copy of every Email

    This Plugin provides 7 Email Templates

    1. New Question Notification: Send an Email to
    Admin regarding a new Question posted
    2. New Answer: Send an Email for Question’s author if
    any new answer is posted
    3. New Comment to Question: Send an Email for
    Question’s author if anyone comment on his question
    4. New Comment to Answer: Send an Email for
    Question’s author if anyone comment on the answer for his
    5. New Answer (to Followers): Send an Email to
    question followers if any new answer is posted
    6. New Comment to Question (to Followers):
    Send an Email to question followers if anyone comment on
    question he followed
    7. New Comment to Answer (to Followers): Send
    an Email to question followers if anyone comment on
    answer of question he followed.

    3. Permission Settings:

    Here you can set who can read/Post/Edit/Delete the



    Create a brand new sub-domain similar to forum.Illustration.Com, if
    you wish to have to have one more database for discussion board users and
    set the Questions record page as Static front web page and
    you are able to do it at theme customization. Keep textual content
    hyperlink in the menu of your foremost area. You could additionally add a
    new WordPress set up at sub-listing comparable to
    area.Com/ask & use this plugin to add a dialogue
    discussion board.

    Go ahead & use this plugin to create your own discussion
    forum. If you have any follow-up question or question-
    related to plugin configuration, feel free to ask me in the
    comment section. If you enjoyed this post, do share with
    your friends on Facebook & Google plus.

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