• How to Generate Valid Imei for Tweaking!!

    How to Generate Valid Imei for Tweaking!!

    after so many Tweaks we dropped.. Yet i still recieve complaints from People telling me they cant Generate Valid Imei.. While some are Enjoying tweaking their Iemi as easy as Recharging your sim..

    Now the 1st thing you need to know when you wanna tweak is the exact IMEI that worked for others.. After getting the Imei...

    now after you might have gotten The Imei...

    Note : must be 15 Digits

    2. Remove the last 5 digits then the new imei will be 10 digits..

    3. Now add random 4 digits to make it 14 Digits

    4. Now validate or analyze et using Imei.info by putting the 14 Digits in the box.. Then they will give you the last Digits...

    Then you can now follow the Steps!! CLICK HERE Always!! Invite!! Your!! Friends!! Here!!


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