• How to Parked your domain to Blogger from various domain company.

    How to Parked your domain to Blogger from various domain company.

    I have received so many request on how to park domain to Blogger especially for Godaddy Domain Company.

    After you have registered your domain at Godaddy .

    First thing to do is to go to your blogger dashboard, and Navigate to the blog you want to park your domain.

    click on settings and on the settings page, Just under your Blog url you would see Set up a 3rd party Url for your blog, then click on it.


    Now enter your Domain url/name (must start with www www.domain.com) and click go, then you will see an error telling you to claim Ownership of the Domain you inserted by creating a cNAME record from your Domain center.  


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    Now login to godaddy.com

    Next to Domains, click Manage.

    Click the domain you want to use, and
    then select the DNS Zone File tab.

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    Now click on Add Record

    Now fill the record with your details as followed bellow

    Record type : CName (Alias)
    Host : www.yourdomain.com
    Point to : ghs.google.com
    TTL : 1 hour


    Now When you are done Click Finish.

    Go back your Blogger dashbaord and go to that Set up a third party Url for your blog

    Copy the second Code Google gave you as verification inform of Encrypted text

    Now go back to your Godaddy Domain manager and repeat the Same process but this time you are not putting the details in the 1st step, this time you are inserting the Encrypted text like this

    Host : The short Encrypted text under www in your Blogger dashboard

    Point to :  the long enrypted text under ghs.google.com in your blogger dashboard


    After doing that click Finish!

    Then go back to your Blogger dashboard again

    And click save.

    That not all.

    Go back to Godaddy again, now your domain will only work when there is www. before it, it wont work as Domain.com unless as www.domain.com.

    Go to godaddy.com and click on the same DNS ZONE FILE Tab and click the same Add record. Now fill this boxes like the screenshot below, don't change anything.

    Host : @
    Point to : 216:239:32:21
    TTL : 1hour


    Note that: each time you insert @ as Hot and 216:239:32:21 as point to, click on Add Another until you have added the 4 records then click finish! (Now make sure you delete the formal record you saw in the aHost or else your domain will be redirecting to godaddy sometimes.

    Lastly go to your Blogger dashboad and go to the 3rd party url Edit

    Now Tick the (Redirect yourdomain.com to www.yourdomain.com) and click Save!


    Then wait for somes hours before your DNS is properly propagated!!

    If you have any problem kindly use the comment box below!

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    posted from Bloggeroid


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