• Latest Airtel 4Gb Tweak Is Here For The Month Of August By DON_PHEZTURZ

    Hello Guys, Imei tweaking has not yet gone to exile oo, it still blazing just that to tweak an unused IMEI now is not easy, so today we are bringing you the latest Airtel 4gb Imei brought to you by DON_PHERZTURZ ..

    Without wasting much of our time let get down to busness.

    IMEI: 357460066425633

    then bring out ur virgin sim, (Virgin sim is the sim that you have not used for any tweak before) go your msg and text

    Join to 141

    This tweak has be TESTED and TRUSTED, if you have any question, Dont hesitate to comment through the comment box.

    NOTE- Dont Add me on whatsapp, and ask for IMEI, becasue i won't even reply you, just comment through the comment box and we would take care of it. Thanks


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