• Six Mistakes that New WordPress users Can’t Escape (Must Read )

    Mistakes are inevitable and they're the mummy of
    success .
    In this article I'll be talking in regards to the eight mistakes
    WordPress inexperienced persons make after they firstly get to
    WordPress and i admit, i make the identical mistake too.

    1. Installing WordPress In a Sub-folder.

    The customary mistake is putting in your wordpress blog in
    a Sub-folder comparable to /wordpress or /webpublication /
    myblog/ rather of putting in it directly to your web publication
    listing/root, if you set up in a Sub-folder, your web publication
    might be accessible through the Sub-folder i.E
    myblog.Com/blog , and in the event you set up in
    your weblog root, it'll simply be accessible immediately with out
    appending any Sub-folder identify i.E myblog.Com .
    So, be careful so that you wouldn't make this error of
    deleting and putting in once more.

    2. Now not using Permalink

    an extra customary mistake just isn't constructing permalink
    structure for your WordPress weblog all given that you're
    new to the platform and don't know , for those who
    don't set permalink structure, your blog url shall be in
    default type i.E myblog.Com/?P=123 ,
    you will have
    to set your url structure to a search engine optimisation pleasant structure to
    give a boost to your search engine optimization.
    To established permalink for your blog, go to Settings >>
    Permalink , and prefer any constitution apart from the
    example above.

    3 Publishing Incomplete post/page.

    Upon installing WordPress web publication the next factor is
    updating your blog and there's at all times a default pattern
    page. Beginners could now not understand what they'll write or
    easy methods to use the text editor and that results in publishing
    empty pages or empty publish I.E coming quickly page
    or beneath development web page , store yourself by way of
    now not posting whatever for those who don't know what to speak
    about instead than posting incomplete web page or put up which
    is vain and you will later delete it.

    4. Installing Unnecessary Plugins.

    When you don’t know what you are doing after
    installing WordPress is installing useless plugins all in the
    name of looking for what it does and one thing you
    might not be aware of is that, too much plugins slow
    down your blog, so be very careful what kind of plugin
    you install.

    5 Not always updating Wordpress

    New wordpress customers would care less about updating
    their wordpress blog seeing that they might to find it disturbing
    and don't rather comprehend why they need to update to the cutting-edge
    unlock. Meanwhile updating your wordpress keeps you
    safe considering that hackers can quite simply in finding loophole if your blog
    is just not up to date, You have to take security measures
    into consideration. This allows for principal maintenance
    and security updates to be utilized to your website as
    you sleep. Keep updating your wordpress to the brand new

    6. they usually use weak password

    Using strong password is a number one priority when it
    comes to keeping your blog safe, Newbies careless about
    strong password when they are installing WordPress,
    they’ll be in a hurry and after installation, they will
    forget to change their password from the easily guessed
    password they used earlier and that’s BOOM! they
    may never change it again. You need to make your
    password strong using the combination of (letters,
    alphabets, signs). There are lots of free software out
    there to generate strong and hard to guess password.

    This are all mistakes we will correct now, is there
    some other mistake you already know and it's now not on the record?
    Drop it within the comment box beneath


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