• Download Updated Version of Psiphon Handler and enjoy Etisalat Smartpak with new settings

    Am pretty sure that most of us are
    familiar with Psiphon handler.
    Either using it for Mtn bblite sub or using it
    for the Etisalat Unlimited browsing/
    downloading. But some of us are having
    issues with our current psiphon
    handler82 version
    . Some having issue
    with the app because it frequently
    disconnecting itself and some having
    issue with the delay of connecting to
    the server. If you are victim of any of
    the listed above issues, then the
    solution is here.

    I recently received the updated version
    of Psiphon handler from a friend and i
    decided to share you all the app. The
    Update version works greater and
    better than the previous version. In
    this post, am only going to take about,
    how you can use the Psiphon handler
    with the Etisalat Unlimited
    Downloading/Browsing. So that new
    freebies can Enjoy from the on-going
    unlimited Awoof.
    Let’s get started.

    Before you proceed: For those using
    Chat Pak Or any other Pak apart from
    social me. Will have to opt out from
    there previous plan. Because you can’t
    bypass speed throttling with the chat
    pak plan. don’t worry if you experience
    slow browsing or slow download while
    using this etisalat unlimited plan. Just
    Click HERE to learn how to bypass
    Etisalat speed throttling



    • load N100 etisalat credit in your
    sim card
    Dial *200*3*3*2*1*1# and make sure
    your N100 box is deducted

    Note: Don’t worry about the
    Confirmation message, Just make your
    sure that they deduct 100naira, Then
    keep rocking, it will not stopped after

    see- Hot- Etisalat Unlimited Browsing for the
    month on September Via Open Vpn Connect

    Now Create New APN settings On Your
    Phone As Follows:

    APN: etisalat

    Save And Activate it as your default

    kindly note that PSIPHON HANDLER does not work with ETISALAT CHAT PACK anymore
    Read complete details here

    Download The Updated Version of
    Psiphon100 handler      HERE……

    Psiphon Handler configuration

    Launch Psiphon handler and set it up
    as follows:

    Tick: Remove port
    Proxy Type: Select Real Host
    Proxy Server: mobile.facebook.com

    Then scroll down to the bottom and
    click Save...


    You will get a pop up message asking if
    you want to use psiphon browser only
    or Tunnel whole device.
    Make sure you
    choose tunnel whole device
    Then it will take you to the next screen,
    click on the option tab.
    Under region select USA
    server, Germany server or any one you
    wish, then click on more option.

    See - • Very Hot - Etisalat Browsing Unlimitedly And
    More Faster With Tweakware .

    Then click on more option.
    “proxy settings”’ check the

    through an HTTP Proxy”

    Use the following settings and

    Host Address:
    Port: 3128
    Host Address:
    Port: 8080
    use Any one.

    Now go back and click start to enjoy
    unlimited etisalat Browsing and

    Below is The Solution to Psiphon Problems.

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    PsiPhon Handler is Connected But
    Not Working with Operamini

    >> •Go to your opera mini settings
    >> •Go to Advanced under settings
    >> •Click on Protocol and Change Socket/
    Http to HTTP
    That’s All…

    Simple Android Server is Connected
    But Not Reading Upload and

    >> •Go to your app manager
    >> •Search for the Simple Server app
    >> •Clear the data app and reconfigure
    the SAS app

    change your SAS proxy Host and Proxy
    port to another one.

    PsiPhon Handler Is Not Connecting

    Few things may cause your Psiphon
    Handler not to Connecting. If you
    haven’t downloaded Updated Psiphon handler then download with the Above Link.

    1. It May be that The server Region you are using may
    cause your Psiphon not to connect , Just
    try to change your server to another
    server or better choose Best

    2. The Host Address you are using may
    have been Block. Just choose from the
    below Host address
    you can connect with this ones below

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    your Rooted Android Phone

    3. Network issue may cause psiphon not
    to connect, Just try to move Outdoor
    and location are where Etisalat network
    coverage is good...

    With this, You should able to Enjoy
    your Etisalat to the fullest .

    If you have any question or problem
    feel free to ask through the comment

    and don't forget to share this post.


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