• How to Bypass The Unlimited Etisalat Social Pack Throttling

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    Sorry for not posting it earlier, Have
    been busy handling other activities.

    I know that most of you are enjoying
    his or her own Social me Etisalat
    Unlimited Plan While some are yet to
    enjoy there’s fully. Notwithstanding,
    Am going to touch Some of the major
    problems that you may be facing while
    using SAS , TweakWare or Psiphon with Etisalat
    Unlimited Social Pak.

    The main issue many are facing is how
    they can bypass the Speed Throttle
    while Downloading or Browsing. So,Lets
    get started on how to Bypass the speed.

    NOTE: If your download speed is
    Higher than 60kb/s, That means you
    already bypass the speed Throttling,
    Just Move to Location where you can
    get Full network Coverage and High
    Download Speed.

    How to Bypass Etisalat Social Pack
    Speed Throttling

    It is Very Annoying when
    you see your downloading speed not
    Higher than 40kb/s while Other Psiphon Users are
    enjoying 1mb/s, 2mb/s, 6mb/s.
    If you
    are also victim of such don’t Worry
    anymore because the solution is Here.

    Firstly, You have to be on Social
    me Pack
    and not chat pack because you cannot bypass the speed throttling with the
    chat pack plan. ( Dial *200*3*3*2*1*1# and make sure
    your N100 box is deducted )

    Then try to Download Large file with
    your Uc Browser and Make sure that the
    Download can Pause and Resume. so,
    Observe the speed and if you notices
    that the speed is not Higher than 40kb/s
    or lower.
    That means You haven’t
    Bypass the Speed Throttling..

    Immediately switch off your data
    connection And Force close/stop your
    SAS, TweakWare or Psiphon then put On your data
    back and Launch your Psiphon/SAS/Tweakware.

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    browsing, Here is how to Fix it

    If you are PC users and connecting via
    Modem. Then Disconnect your modem
    and reconnect.

    NOTE: You may need to repeat the steps
    above like 2-4 =times before the Speed
    can be restored to Normal Etisalat

    If you Are browsing or Downloading
    and Etisalat send you a message Like
    “you have attain your smart pack limit
    usage” or other related message
    like that.

    Immediately switch off your data
    connection put On your data back.

    Then Start Blazig it Hot and Download With Higher Speed..

    Lastly See -
    How TweakWare is Rocking Faster than Psiphon

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