How to Make money through Mobofree Affiliate program

It's so easy to start and the most important thing
is, it's free! Thousand of the bloggers and
webmasters (Including Me), Even Non-Bloggers and Non-Webmasters make cool cash monthly through
Mobofree Affiliate Marketing and Program.

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Mobofree is actually a social market place that
offers a safe space to buy and sell items and services from other Mobofree users.
It has become of the fastest growing e-commerce website
in Nigeria, and it also based in another country
like India, and some other popular countries
Actually, in Mobofree, Buyers and sellers can look
up the people they wish to make a sale with on Mobofree, they also get to negotiate with them
and also get to know them, with this, unique
ways of ensuring more secure transactions
between users is being provided.

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How To Make Money Online with MOBOFREE
Affiliate Program

Some people still find it difficult to make money
online, but believe me, with Mobofree affiliate
programs, you stand a chance of making up to
N5000 daily.

Most affiliate programs currently offer
commission based on sales of their product, but Mobofree affiliate programs pay based on
Registration of free users you invite to their


It’s easy, Simply join the program and you
would earn up to N50 Nigeria Naira commission for
each new user joining Mobofree from your referral link.
In addition, you also stand a chance
of receiving free advertising by Mobofree which
worths N150, 000.


How Does It Work?
Register to their affiliate program, REGISTER HERE get your special
link, drive traffic to MoboFree trough your special link and
earn money! We pay for each visitor who register
on MoboFree. Registration is totally free, so you
can be sure - big part of your traffic will convert
into revenue. And If you are the type that own a Website of a Blog you Can Generate Or use Banner or Text Ads ( Choose desired banners, text ads or other promo material.)

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What are the Conditions?

The Affiliate program is free to join, it's easy to sign-up
and requires no technical knowledge. When you
join our affiliate program, you will be supplied
with a range of banners and textual links that you
place within your site and and Special Referal link you post on Facebook, Twitter and others. So it's easy way to
generate revenue with minimum effort from your side.


How and when will you be paid?
Affiliates are paid upon confirmed registrations
by visitor(s) on Once you collect
100 USD from conversions - you can request a
payment. Payments are done all at the same time
once per month and a representative will contact
you to arrange payment details. Payment can be made through Bank/Wire
Transfer, Mobile recharge, PayPal.

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To Get Started in Mobofree Affiliate Money
Making System

1. 1. Go to Mobofree Affiliate Registration Page Here (our affiliate link) and click “CONNECT WITH FACEBOOK“ to register.

2. After registration, then login, Scroll to the button and click Affiliate Program and also create new Account and your account
would be pending for approval. It would be
reviewed in the next 48 hours.
Once your account has been confirmed, they
will notify you via your email, you can then log in,
and you would be given banner and text link for your affiliate marketing.
You can then start promoting your referral link
with their marketing materials like banners to
your Blog/web forum fans, friends on Facebook,
Twitter and other social media. You can make up
to N5000 per 100 people that registered through you, and that can even be your daily income from
mobofree affiliate.

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