• Tweakware shows Connected but not browsing, Here is how to Fix it

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    Yesterday , i posted a post about
    using Tweakware to Rock Etisalat
    Unlimited Browsing And
    . Then i notice that lot
    of people are having some issues
    when trying to connect

    Especially for those
    running the app for the first time.
    Its show connected and always stay
    at Authentication successful but
    refuse to Browse. so i decide to
    show you the best solution to this

    I have two Methods that will enable
    your Tweakware to show connected
    and browse when you click connect.
    So, Kindly follow the Steps by Steps
    procedure below.

    • Method 1

    When you are running Tweakware
    for the first time you need to update
    your tweakware server.
    All you have to do is to connect your chatpack via JwP or SaS so that the Tweakware would have an Internet Connection to Update.
    Now launch your Tweakware, then Press and
    hold the server list on the Home
    screen to update servers. And you
    can now select any server available
    on the list and Connect it and enjoy the Speed.

    •Method 2

    For this you need to
    manually configure the Tweakware
    by inputting the Proxy Host (IP) and
    Port under Tweakware Network

    Go to Settings>>

    Under Settings enter>> Network
    Settings >> Proxy Host and Port use any of
    the working Proxy server and for
    etisalat social pack.

    That’s all and you can now have a
    successful connection, Unlimited Downloads + Streaming .

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    Social Pack Throttling

    Comment below for Any other problem you are Facing .

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