• How to use Etisalat Chatpack, 2go Mb and Mtn Bis with HTTP INJECTOR

    It not a new thing that Etisalat chatPack Have Stop Working on Psiphon..
    Read More Details Here

    Today, I bring you another Coolest way to Rock
    your Etisalat Chat Pack and Mtn bblite
    package . For some of you having Issue in
    bypassing Social Me Speed Throttling, This App
    helps you Lifts the Speed Limit and enjoy Super Fast Downloading speed.

    HTTP INJECTOR is another
    wonderful alternative of Tweakware, OpenVpn
    Connect, Psiphon handler and Others.

    Http Injector Give you the benefit for using Free Premium server Unlike the Tweakware app that
    you have to pay before using premium server.

    Http Injector Can be Connected on His Own and
    Can Also be Connected Together With Other



    STEP 1: You Need To Create a free Account For
    your Http Injector Just Here to create
    and create the free account.

    Note: One account can be
    Used on One or Two devices only. Each Account
    Created Have Validity of 3days or 1week and You can Easily renew the account after its expires or Create Another Account.

    When You get to the Website, Now select EUROPE as continent
    Then Select any of the country in Europe
    continent either France, Netherlands or

    Now you can Register an Account with username and password
    and the simple math question Then click create account.

    STEP 2: Create New Mobile Access Points Settings

    For Etisalat Apn: etisalat

    Others: blank

    MTN Apn: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net

    Proxy: blank

    Port: blank

    Download Http injector config for


    Download Chat pack config here


    Download 2go Mb config here

    STEP 4: Configuration for Http Injector Launch
    your http injector App Go to menu and import
    the config file from your SD card
    After Importing, Then Click on settings and set
    as show below

    *connection mode: Select any iptables (root) is
    for rooted device and selected Vpn mode for
    Unrooted Devices

    *SSH HOST: Select your host due to your
    e.g. de.serverip.co is for Germany, nl-
    public.serverip.co is for Netherlands e.t.c

    *SSH PORT: 443

    *Username- fastssh.com-your username

    *Password put your password.

    Go back and click start and wait for few
    to show connected.


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