I have received several mails from my users
    telling me that their etisalat chatpack with
    psiphon has stopped working and that is
    why I have decided to
    use this medium to reveal the latest sad
    news about psiphon with etisalat.

    Three months ago, some developers
    released a new app which was to be used to
    make etisalat chatpack also known as
    etimumu chatpack unlimited. The app was
    the one we popularly know as PSIPHON.
    This app worked for a long period of time but as at last two week ago, it stopped working on all phones which means that etisalat has
    finally discovered the trick we have been
    using against them and then decided to
    block it.

    Though, this tweak is still working but you
    will need to subscribe to either of their
    daily, weekly or monthly chatpack plan Click here to Get the Codes

    Well, we are not giving up on this because sooner or later another means will be discovered on how to browse unlimited on etisalat. But for now we can still be using
    the MTN 2go/Samsung imei cheat.

    See how to Use Etisalat chatpack with HTTP Injector here

    also see how to use chat pack with Tweakware app here
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