How To Get Google Adsense Approval in 2015

You will agree with me that Google Adsense is the highest paying advertising network and the most common way for bloggers to make money online, but getting your Adsense application approved is not easy. Many bloggers get fed up and stop applying for adsense after several disapprovals.

The truth is that I have experienced it so I know how bad it is after working hard on your blog to meet Adsense standards and at the end, you get the heart breaking message that you are not approved.
Well, worry no more about getting Google Adsense approval because today I will show you how to get your Adsense approved fast.

 And the best part is this: you will get approved within 48 hours if you follow the guides in this post.


    Getting Google Adsense Approval Is Not Impossible

    Am sure you must have come across so many articles on getting Adsense approval and you have tried all the guides and yet your application is not approved. I just got my adsense application approved last week wednesday (24th June, 2015).
    So in this post i will be showing you everything I did to get it right. Just before you give up on Adsense and start searching for adsense alternatives kindly give this guide a try.

    My Adsense Adventure

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    I did not do anything special in getting my Adsense application approved, all I did was follow adsense policies. So these are the things I did to get Google Adsense application approved.

    Focus On Quality Rather Than Quantity



    The biggest criteria to get Adsense approval is quality content. If you can write unique content then getting Adsense approval is easy. When I first applied for Adsense I had about 42 blog post on my blog but they were not all unique as some of them were copied from other blogs.
    After several of my applications got disapproved, I decided to give Adsense what it wanted (Quality Content). I moved all the copied content on my blog to draft and started writing unique contents from scratch.
    It was not easy but I was determined to get Adsense approval. I created a contact page, about us, and privacy policy page.
    After 2 weeks of intensive research and writing, I was able to publish seven (7) unique blog post. They were all free from any form of plagiarism and they were all over 800 words. Each blog post had at least two images, I created the images my self using Coreldraw and Photoshop. In fact, my blog posts were 100% unique from start to finish
    And that is it, I applied for Adsense and I got approved with a 4 months old blog and just 7 articles and 4 pages.

    The Truth About Google Adsense Approval



    So many people have written about getting adsense approval that you no longer know what to believe. During my search for tips on getting adsense approval, I read some blog post and some bloggers recommend having at least 20 blog post and domain age should be at least 6 months before applying but I got approved with just 7 unique blog post.
    It is a 15 weeks old blog having just 11 pages (7 post and 4 pages).
    So the truth is, to get adsense approval you need to focus on creating quality content and not quantity. Do not copy images from other websites or from Google images, try creating your own images or alternatively you can get free images from sites like pixaby.
    Also, domain age is not a factor in getting Adsense approval.
    I hope my experience with Google Adsense inspires you. I wish you good luck in your Adsense adventure.

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