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How to Add Pop-Up Google adsense Ads to your Blogger

You can Add Pop-Up Google adsense ads to your Blogger. If Google Adsense Ads Pop up on your blog page then it will be more attractive. And visitor will click on your ads easily. It will Increase your Clicking on ads and Help to Increase Earnings. But Google Adsense does not support pop-up advertisement. so that i recommend to every blogger don’t put pop-up ads to on your blog

Add Pop-Up Google adsense Ads



1. Login in to your Blogger, then go to Blogger Dashboard .
2. Click on Layout .
Add Pop-Up Google adsense Ads

3. Click on Add a Gadget .
Add Pop-Up Google adsense Ads
4.  Now Choose HTML/JavaScript and Click on it.
Add Pop-Up Google adsense Ads
5.  Now Copy the Below pop up code , then Paste in HTML/JavaScript Content 
HTML/Java Script Pop-Up Code Here
<style>#btftopbar {height:2px;width:auto;background: #005094 url(‘..’);background-repeat:repeat-x;text-align:left;padding-top:2px;}#adsground {height:600;margin:0 auto;width: 350px;background:#fff;border-bottom:2px #005094 solid;border-right:2px #005094 solid;border-left:2px #005094 solid;text-align:center;padding:2px;}
#headlineatas {opacity:1.0;height:auto;width:auto;position:fixed;top:260px;left:460px;border-bottom:1px #005094 solid;border-bottom:0px blue solid;color:#333;padding:0px;z-index:1001;font-size:13px;}</style><script type=”text/javascript”>function getValue(){document.getElementById(“headlineatas”).style.display = ‘none’;}</script><div id=”headlineatas”><div id=”btftopbar”><span style=”color:#fff;font-size:10px;font-weight:bold;text-shadow:black 0.1em 0.1em 0.1em;float:right;padding-top:3px;padding-right:10px”><a href=”” target=”_blank” onclick=”getValue()”>close ads</a></span></div><div id=”adsground”><p align=”left”><h3></h3></p><p> Your Google Adsense Code Here<br/></p></div></div>
6. Now Replace “Your Google Adsense code here” with your Adsense Code.
7. Now Click on Done.
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