How to Migrate your Visafone Sim to MTN Network

It’s no longer news that MTN has acquired Visafone and as such, MTN now owns Visafone. In a bid to keeping Visafone users within the new network service, it is advised that Visafone subscribers should migrate their line(s) to the MTN Network and the process is pretty simple.

No, migrating an existing Visafone sim to an MTN network won’t make the Visafone number void. The numbers will still be intact. It’s just a change of network. See it as porting from one network to another which doesn’t in anyway, affect being reached with the existing number.

before you commence with the
migration, there are some things you
should know and these are:

1. VisaFone is now owned by MTN
2. Your VISAFONE number will not change, it
will be retained on the MTN network
3. Your Tarrif plan and data bundle will remain
unique to VISAFONE
4. The Migration process and New SIM Card are FREE of charge.
5. Your line is expected to be active on the MTN Network within 24 hours of activation.
6. You cannot send someone to do the migration for you.
7. You will be able to access and retain your services on MTN after Migration. MTN GSM network support both Voice and Data services.
8. You’ll not be able to retain your VISAFONE airtime and data balances after the migration to MTN but you’ll be duly compensated after your migration is done.
9. You will still be charged based on Visafone productand service tariff plans
10. Once migrated, you will only be able to recharge with MTN vouchers using *556*
11. You will need to retain your phone with a GSM enabled phone except your old phone is compatible with CDMA and GSM
12. Visit any MTN or VISAFONE retail outlet to perform the migration process

Below are the requirements before
migrating a Visafone SIM to The MTN

1. Duly filled Migration form (to be provided to customer on visit).
3. Three (3) frequently dialled numbers.
4. A Valid ID card – International Passport (Data Page), Driver’s license, National ID, Voters Card, etc.
5. VISAFONE SIM or Starter Pack/kits (Optional).

As we probably all know, Visafone used to be a CDMA network. Migrating to MTN automatically makes it a GSM network which opens doors for more possibilities.

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