Waiting for Photoshop on Android? Try Adobe Photoshop Sketch and Comp CC

A large number of us in the mobile device category yearn for the day when we will finally have the complete version of Photoshop on our phones. However the present reality has curtailed us to managing technically younger relative cousins of the photoshop . At least we have something to rejoice about as Adobe has just released Photoshop Sketch and Comp CC on Android. These two apps bring on brings graphic design as well as creating apps to the mobile platform.

For those of us who are into it, Comp CC happens to be a wireframe as well as a design tool designed for both print and screens. Well we see that the app presents a wide array of design templates. Among these is the Android phone (1080 x 1920), even Android tablets in portrait and landscape orientations. There is no exclusion of the variety of Apple devices either. There is now that lovely ease in drawing designated for use on small, touch screen devices – bringing in shapes, as well as text, and then images can all be carried straight from your mobile device. This is not all, one lovely thing about this is that what you create at the end of the day on your mobile device can be exported to either Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC of InDesign CC . There is also the option of sharing via Android’s system share intent.

Moving on to the Photoshop Sketch, there is no big difference in this app either. Just that this time around its functionality is more centered about drawing, you can even drag this from the name:sketching. Although we have to admit that It doesn’t really have that complete feel like that of the full Photoshop – as to image editing – but then this half loaf is still delicious.

It is just fair to see the app is excellent at what it is designed for. For sure, it brings in a whole lot of several brushes and then pens. This always cuts across watercolors to acrylics, even to pastels and inks and lots more. We will not forget to note the presence of shapes. We have polygons, French curves, you could make your choice from basic shapes.

And then at the tail end, it also rolls in a lot of layers, with image layer bringing you an image as well as sketch layer giving you the opportunity to sketch.


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