Check out these paid iOS apps that are now free for a limited time

Well, it's that time again where we present you with a list of paid iOS apps that are currently free for a limited period. Some of these titles could be ones that you have been looking at for some time and decided not to spend the money to buy. But today, these apps are free. The only question you need to ask is whether you want to use some of the storage capacity on your iOS device toward any of these apps.

Keep in mind that these apps can revert back to paid status at the drop of a hat. So if you do see something you want, download and install it now, because we have absolutely no idea when the free ride comes to a stop.

The list currently includes a task management tool to help you get things done (Tasky), an internet radio app that plays both domestic and overseas stations (nRadio) and an app that teaches you how to relax. Check out the list by clicking on the slideshow, and hopefully you find one or more apps that you can use.

These paid iOS apps are free for a limited time

1. nRadio

Normally $1.99, this app allows you to listen to domestic and overseas radio stations over the internet. An alarm clock mode allows you to wake up with one of the stations streaming, and a speedometer lets you know how fast you are traveling.
2. Tasky

Normally 99 cents, Tasky is a task management tool that allows you to put together To-Do lists, and keep track of tasks as you work on them. If you like being organized, this app is for you.
3. Image Mapper

Normally 99 cents, this app allows you to have images appear to float in empty spaces on your screen. Stamp mode makes the image look like a sticky, while the wiper mode uses a belt-like appearance.
Image Mapper
4. Breathing Zone

Normally $3.99, this app teaches you how to slow down your breathing in order to calm yourself down
Breathing Zone
5. Drift

Normally $1.99, Drift is a vacation planner that uses the database belonging to Foursquare to help you find places to go. The app doesn't help you get to your destination, but helps you arrange the day of your visit.
6. BoomBox

Normally $6.99, BoomBox is a Soundcloud music player that streams music ad-free. Instead of skipping ads, BoomBox eliminates them. Search unlimited free music and audio. Listen to any song, album, podcast, or audio recording that is available on your Soundcloud profile for absolutely free

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