• How To Prevent display errors after flashing SPD and MTK devices

    I've been receiving lots and lots of complains about screen errors such as touch not working, blue/white/black screen, display is up side down etc after flashing itel phones. 

    The phone boots normal you heat sounds ok but just can't operate it due to this screen error. This mostly happens when you use a firmware (flash file) which is outdated or the display drivers found in ubootloader or uboot file inside the Stock ROM does not match with the current device at hand.

     For example if an itel IT1408 with build idIT1408-W404-20160902 is flashed with and older firmware lets say IT1408-W404-20160317 the phone might not boot up or have display issues after it boots up.


    The following points below are just safe practices

    It does not mean that mean that flashing older firmware will always cause screen issues.

    This happens only on some devices.

    Even though what is written below are safe points, use them at your own risk.

    I know you might be wondering now how to know if the firmware you are about to flash corresponds to the device. 

    Its very easy if the device still boots properly, just check the the build number and see if it tally with the file you want to download. The file to be downloaded must not always have the same id with the device. You can also use and updated file to flash the phone. So its either you use a firmware with same id or and updated id.


    If the phone can't boot, use Miracle Box to read the current Build id of the phone

    To Read the build id with Miracle Box,

    For Spreadtrum (SPD) devices

    Launch Miracle Box

    Under SPD tab, Click Readinfo

    Under Choose type select the chip of the device

    Click Start button and connect phone while holding boot key

    Wait for Miracle box to display you all details of the device

    From the details, you will see the build id

    Now compare with the ROM you downloaded and see if its

    For MTK devices

    Launch Miracle Box

    Under MTK tab, Click Readinfo

    Click Start button and connect phone to PC

    Wait for Miracle Box to detect device and show all info

    From the info you will find the build id of the device

    Now compare it with the firmware you want to flash


    Ok if you still have the guts to flash the device with the firmware which does not correspond to the build id of your device, its always good to do a full stock ROM backup of the device so that after flashing if something is wrong, you can restore the backup.

    Use Miracle Box or Infinity CMII to do stock ROM backup.

    How to Stock ROM backup for SPD devices with Miracle Box, 

    with Miracle Box, 

    Launch Miracle Box

    Under SPD Tab, Click Read

    Under Choose, Select chip of the device

    Click Start and connec phone to PC while holding boot key

    Select were to save backup and click OK

    Wait for backup process to complete

    How to Stock ROM backup for MTK devices with Miracle Box

    Launch Miracle BoxBox

    Under MTK tab, Click Read

    If you want the backup to save as scatter file, tick scatter file else don't tick

    Click start button and connect phone to PC

    Select were to save backup and click OK

    Wait for backup process to complete


    If you just want ignore all the process above and go on directly with the flash process, at least take a second or rwo not to select uboot (MTK devices) or ubootloader (SPD devices) before you begin the flash process it might save you from a lot of problem.


    Yeah I know I've not uploaded some new firmware of some devices thats because of my day in day out schedule and of course DATA for uploading LOL but I still try my best to be updating the files as quick as possible. So if you have searched around and can't find the Stock ROM you are looking for, this few tips might just come in handy. If you have more  tips, yo


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