How To Turn Your Android phone Into A Microphone Via Bluetooth Speaker

The number one thing i love about MTK Android phone, is the ability to tweak/customize and explore the device to my preference. There's almost nothing you can't do with your Android device powered by MediaTek. There are millions of Apps you still don't know exists, which you can use to tweak and explore your Android phone.

Today, i will be introducing you to an awesome app which you can use to turn your phone into a Microphone for listening pleasure. Though, there are thousands of Apps that offers the same feature, but i will be talking about Microphone by Wonder Grace.

The app is designed to turn your Android phone into a Microphone and connecting it to a Speaker via Bluetooth. The app will be somehow confusing to setup at first, you may hear an echo, but with time, you will get to understand it by practicing all the features in the app to get your desired sound.

Features Of The Microphone App
Mono / Stereo (Balance channel individually)
Equalizer adjustments
Line-In / Line-Out selection
Sampling rate selection
Widget support (Lock screen and Re-sizable)
Supports Locale / Taker as a plugin

How To Connect Your Microphone App With Your Bluetooth Speaker

First of all, download Microphone by Wonder Grace on Google Playstore

Connect your Bluetooth speaker with your Android device and open the app, tap the microphone logo at the middle on your phone screen to ON/OFF the Mic.

The sound might not be perfect at first, but you can always adjust the settings and control to get the desired mic effect.

You can turn on the widget support to make it easier and flexible to use.

That's all on how you can turn your Android phone into a Microphone. Hope you find this helpful. Don't forget to drop your comments and also share this post using the share button below.

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