Buy any smartphone from T-Mobile, get 11.2% of its price back via prepaid card (from February 1)

T-Mobile's (successful) strategy recently has been to constantly make waves in the wireless industry by announcing a new consumer-focused move every few weeks or so. And today is no exception. The latest campaign from the magenta carrier is billed as "its own version of the Boston Tea Party", and is all about taxes - but in a good way.
Starting on February 1, when you purchase any smartphone from T-Mobile using an Equipment Installment Plan (EIP) on a One or Simple Choice Unlimited plan, you will receive 11.2% of the device's full price back in the form of a prepaid card. The amount you get increases to 11.55% if you live in Puerto Rico.
T-Mobile says this means it's essentially giving you back the sum you paid as tax when you signed the EIP agreement, but you will get 11.2% back (or 11.55% in Puerto Rico) regardless of what the sales tax level actually is in your state. You will receive this money for up to 12 lines.
After you buy your phone(s), you need to submit a request online, and a prepaid MasterCard will show up at your doorstep within 60 days containing the aforementioned amount. That's it.

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